Welcome to this new and wonderful initiative of the organization called Udaypad. It is a startup recognized by West Bengal Government and certified as one of the top 3000 startups by IIM kollata. This unique initiative intends to facilitate students and their parents a appropriate and convenient way to search and meet private tutors. The whole concept of this organisation comes from the healthy and empowered India. Our motto is to empower every youth with better learning. We work for online effective study. For years, this platform has been a reliable platform for its educational background as reviewed by many students, their parents and teachers. Udaypad ia a portal that delves deep into the needs of a student devoid of his course and his standard. Even in this Covid period, we could sustain educational developments from home.
This is an educational application for all sorts of students to have proper study materials as their requirements. Besides there is an opportunity for self-assessment session after chapter wise detailed analysis. For the doubts and extra knowledge students can contact efficient teachers, appointed by Udaypad both online and offline in a very reasonable amount. Udaypad takes care of students' needs and focuses on its betterment. Overall growth of students' mind will be considered. Our platform introduces a great way of new-age learning through online and offline modes of classes. Our platform is able to accommodate a growing number of students and teachers. We also have plans to introduce various methods of teaching using in-app features including Video Calling, Screen Sharing. In short, we offer an end-to-end solution to today's e-Learning domain. With the use of this platform, we will observe India to be a country where education is not a hurdle. Jobs will be easily available. Education will be fun and beneficial for future progress.
There are some simple steps to use this application. Through mobile handset (Android & iOS) & web applications students can download and use Udaypad facilities and verified database of teachers sitting at the comfort of their home. We provide skilled teachers from esteemed institutions. Our platform also helps student for preparing their examination using our study material and also students can evaluate their preparation  from time to time using self review, lessen revision and practice zone and various examination. Our platform offers exciting career options by teaching students making money instantly in one month. Students can access our study materials on various subjects for FREE. We also offer the option for students to post queries at no cost. These queries are sent to our expert panel of teachers and they will directly address those.  Students have been benefited greatly by this undertaking. Getting tuition is also very cost-effective as we charge only a nominal monthly amount per student for every teacher they hire.